Assistant Professor of Finance at The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business

PhD in Finance  2012 - 2017,  Columbia

Research: Asset Pricing, Financial Intermediation, Monetary Economics, Network, Digital Platforms,  Fintech

Teaching: Corporate Finance (OSU Undergrad), Continuous-Time Finance (OSU PhD), surveys on stock trading strategies at Columbia (link)

Accepted and Under Revision

1. The Procyclicality of Intermediated Credit, revise & resubmit at the Journal of Finance, new draft coming soon

2. Fragile New Economy: Intangible Capital, Corporate Savings Glut, and Financial Instability, revise & resubmit at the American Economic Review, SSRN 

3. Token-Based Platform Finance, with Lin Will Cong, Neng Wang, revise & resubmit at the Journal of Financial EconomicsNBER, SSRN 

4. Tokenomics: Dynamic Adoption and Valuation , with Lin Will Cong, Neng Wang, Accepted at the Review of Financial Studies (editor's choice), RFS, NBER,  SSRN

5. Network Risk and Key Players: A Structural Analysis of Interbank Liquidity, with Ed Denbee, Christian Julliard, Kathy Yuan, Accepted at the Journal of Financial Economics, SSRN